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8 December 2017 - The results of the referendum are: Yes = 1074, No = 140, Rejected = 3.

The majority of those voting have voted "YES" in response to the question "Do you want Cheshire East Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Wistaston to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Plan area?".

Upon declaration of this result the Willaston Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the statutory development plan for Cheshire East Council.

The Wistaston Neighbourhood Plan and its associated documents are available to view on the Willaston Neighbourhood Plan page of Cheshire East Council's website.

This site is no longer updated and is maintained as an archive only.


joey the swanIntroduction

An Introduction to the Wistaston Neighbourhood Plan and a Residents Survey was recently delivered to your house and it contained a number of actions that the Parish Council have to progress. One of the actions is the need to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Wistaston. A Neighbourhood Plan will enable the Parish Council to influence the location and type of development that can be approved for the village. The Parish Council has appointed a Steering Group Committee to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

Contacting and Access to The Group

Anyone with an interest in our Neighbourhood Plan can tell the Group what they think about the Plan or arrange to talk to the Group. You can leave a message or make an appointment to speak to the Group for a short time, before one of our regular meetings. Please

go to the ‘Contact us’ page.

Neighbourhood Area Designation

One of the first tasks of the group was to decide the area that the plan would cover and to submit that to Cheshire East who then organised consultation over a six week period. The area chosen was the Wistaston parish area and that has now been designated by Cheshire East as the Wistaston Neighbourhood Plan area.

Cheshire East Council Public Notice – Area Designation

Wistaston Neighbourhood Area Notification Notice

Wistaston Neighbourhood Area

Wistaston Neighbourhood Area

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